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    Take Control of Your Health

    Here are some tips and advice to keep your intimate area healthy and fresh.

    The Balancing Act of Intimate Care and Why It Matters

    It’s amazing the balancing act a woman has to perform each and every…

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    Three Must-Haves to Get the Most Out of Intimate Care

    Think back to when you first discovered the one product you now can’t…

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    Four Habits to Maintain a Healthy Intimate Area

    Every 31st of December, we find ourselves racking our brains for new (or…

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    A Woman’s Guide to Better Intimate Care

    We go on regular salon visits to keep our locks hairflip-ready and use…

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    That One Bottle You Didn’t Know You Needed On Your Bathroom Shelf

    Every day you walk in to your bathroom and you are greeted with…

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    How Well Do You Know Your Intimate Area?

    Saying you know your face intimately is an understatement. By now, you must…

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    Meet Betty our chatbot

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